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tv   7 News 10 pm Late Edition  ABC  January 3, 2016 10:35pm-11:00pm MST

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to the vet on saturday. >> that must have bben a circus. >> they were running around her with the leads and everything. the 7-day looks good, coming up, mild days for the next 3 and a little bit of snow coming up, mountains will get it first, starting tuesday and wednesday, probably nice little dusting up there for some good skiing and a couple of inches or three by friday. >> looks good. coming up, peyton manning got back on the field today. we'll have complete game coverage, and the broncos beat the chargers to clinch the number one seed in the afc. we've got that coverage. plus, lionel and arran will address the quarterback
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this is 7 sports extra. >> look at my hat. >> hey. >> hey. >> we're going to keep battling. congratulations to everybody. work on three, one two three. >> what a scene in the locker room, and on the field. as well. broncos celebrating the afc west title, the number one seed in the afc. home for the playoffs, oh, and a quarterback controversy of epic proportioos, all happening in a 3.5 hour span at mile-high.
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bienvenu. so many twists and urn ttes this afternoon, like the mind eraser -`at the e lij gardens. broncos first possession today, second play from scrimmage, brock osweiler to demaryius thomas, down the sideline, cut back, 72 yard touchdown. 7-0 broncos, then came two quick turn over, then came the second quarter and more of the same. chargers territory, brock did not see or feel the blitz coming, blind side hit. chargers had it, 3 turn over, wait, there's more. ingram got by michael schofield like wet toilet paper, he later got benched, hick brock and another pick, the broncos led in the break. third quarter, c.j. anderson, with the big fumble. chargers had it, turn over number 5. and after a reverse, the gates ch the down.
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peyton manning in the game for brock, stablgding ovation -- standing ovation. the offense needed a spark and they got it. 2 for 2 on the drive. c.j. anderson, 7 points, 14-13, broncos. tied 20-20. five minutes to go. rivers third down, deflected, shiloh. are you kidding me? unlikely, hero. picked it off. nice return. peyton back in business. first play after the pick. peyton handed it to ronnie hillman, 23 yard touchdown. peyton 5 of 9 passing for 69 yards and no touchdown, but he led them to 20 second half points, broncos win, finished 12-4. clinching the one seed with the patriots losing today, first round buy, next week and home field for the entire playoffs. arran anderson, moving into the shot quickly for me, arran. >> yes. i'm here. >> blocking brock. sorry. look. peyton manning, got back on the
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for the first time since that chiefs debacle. one word after the game. spark. >> yes, this was shades of game 7 of the nba finals, no really, but sort of. got goose bumps talk about this, broncos offense dead in the water. please, give us whatever you can. peyton, took the reigns and led the broncos to victory, it was magical. the stuff legends are made up. number 18 was back, he it was difference today. >> i'm not sure that had much to do with me being in there, you know, but i think just the execution was just better in the second half. >> peyton manning refused to take credit, but this game changed the moment he stepped on the field. >> oh, i was awesome, you know, it felt like there's a different atmosphere when stepped on, you know, as soon as he stepped on the field, the crowd went nuts. >> can you write a better script, here comes peyton manning off the bench and this team explodes?
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see peyton play the way he was playing, he was making, you know, all audibles that you know -- he's very intune to the game and we just knew that things would be good. >> it was meant for him to come in and fill it, brock did a great job, he played his heart out. peyton has been doing it for a long imtoo, made the plays to get the w. >> the broncos clinch the division with number 18 under center, so who is the starting quarterback when the post-season begins? >> i don't know. look, we've got two weeks before we play again. i've got the see how i feel see how my foot feels. >> that's something that has not been discussed. i'm sure coacc kubiak will look at the things over the next couple of days. >> i'll sit down with both of these guys, it has taken everybody on the team to get to this point and it will take everybody we have the rest of the way, so we'll sit down, we'll make a decision, besttfor
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counting on everybody to continue to do their part. >> and that meann winning football games. no matter who gets the nod at qb. >> that's all i care about. and that alely is truth. you -- really is the truth. football is the ultimate team sport, it takes the entire team to win and we showed that today. so you know, as long as this football team is winning games, i don't care who is playing quarterback. >> we needed a boost and here we are, i think we continue to find a way, or trying to find a way as an organization and as a football to be successful, i don't know what it's going to take two weeks from now or three weeks from now, but we've got to >> no man is bigger than the team, one goal and one goal only is to bring the super bowl to the city of denver, and everybody is in it. no matter who the guy is. >> all right. l. b. the most compelling story in the nfl. >> unbelievable. >> right here in denver. no known wants to face this -- nobody wants to face this offense, scored 20 pointds
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>> well, we were asked that question alreaay. it's too early to ask that question. peyton, he doesn't know how his foot will be. but it will be the only thing that broncos country will be talk about, who should start in the playoff game in two weeks, let's do it. brock or peyton, as for now. >> peyton manning, he's back. the offense, clicking, you saw this l. b. only this time, number 18 took snaps from under center. 20 second half pointds, look, we all appreciate what brock did. kept the train on the fracs for six week -- tracks for six weeks, but you've grot to go give the offensive coordinateers nightmaress. who you like? >> i totally disagree with you on this, they should do the same thing they do today, start brock, he earned it, went 5-2, today's win, right? >> turn over s, today, not his fault. let him go with it.
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peyton manning is not the future brock osweiler is the future. the defense ranked number 1 in sacks, 1 in passing yards, allowed top 4 in every category. that's going to win the super bowl, not brock or peeton. >> all right. hold on a second. we can get a little bit more into this later, but quick question. what qb can win the super bowl? do you think brock osweiler can bring that home? >> i don't know. i'd like to find out. i don't know if peyton manning can do it, either. >> that's true. >> let's take a look at afc playoff picture before we goat to the super bowl. kansas city going for ten wins in a row. touchdown reds, 7-0 chiefs, by air and by land. spencer ware, in a 14-0 lead. hold on the win in the playoff, 23-10. they are -- the jets lost to the bills, and big ben took care of business. big ben for antonio brown, hey,
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13 catches, 187 yard, touchdown, big ben moves like a barge. like a 3 toad sloth, but you know, he gets the job done. he's nimble and quick in a deceptive kind of way. 28-12 steelerings they are in the post-season. and then miami today, bill belichick and the pats playing to clinch the one seed, we know they didn't get it, a nightmare for them, a nightmare moment for tom brady, crunched and scrunched by -- watch the replay, brady, doubled over, limped off, did come back, said after, i'm pretty sore, but i'll be okay. catch of the day, devonte watch this, up over, caught it. 46 yards, great concentration by parker to take that one and the dolphins cashed it in. 20-10. the pats end the season 2-4 in the laat 6 games. they're the 2 seed. buffalo, knocked the jets out of the playoffs today, 22-17.
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extra point, he threw down his helmet which came up and popped him in the face. so we're set, got steeler-bengal, chiefs and texans, that game, on denver7, right here on abc. saturday. at 2:20. who do you want to see come to mile-high the next week? >> well, gosh, that's a good one. >> pretty obvious. >> look, i would like to see personally, i would like to see the chiefs. >> whoa. >> won ten in a row. >> peyton manning will start in that's game, and that was the last game he played. we know how horribly wrong that went. >> yeah. >> be nice for them to get revenge, donth you think? get revenge, i'm looking for super bowl. it's rocket sooins, i don't want the steelers to come here, i don't want the chiefs to come here, i want the bengals at home to beat pittsburgh, the texan at home to beat the chiefs and houston, come on in. who's the quarterback? good question. >> don't know. . >> that's perfect. >> houston, we have a problem. >> exactly. all right, arran, thanks a lot. lit be a wild couple of weeks
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>> when we come back, we'll check the nuggets at pepsi center tonight, no home court advantage here and the century link prism fans of the week, you
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a spy a wide open gallo, scored 29, nuggets up by 5. may be tired from the ot loss against last night. a three pronged dagger, for the 112-106, nuggets have lost 6 in a row. college, buffs blown out by cal. george king, good to be king. got his daily dose of ryan right there, buffs up 10 at the half,
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getting blown out on their own court, josh scott cleans up a miss. the cardinal came back, one point game. under a minute left, great scott. powered his way in, 56-55. 12-3 on the year. time now for the century link prism tv fan of the week. the broncos brothers, you may soo seen -- may have seen them out and about, the best dressed fans on game day. >> monday through friday, they're all business. on game day, justin and jeremy take fashion and fand m to a whole new level. >> i like to call it sunday's best. it feels incredible. you know, i'm a die-hard broncos fan, and i couldn't think of a better reason to get all dappered out for them. >> kind of an organic cli grown
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feel good and root hard for the broncos. >> rock stars of pregame tailgate partys and when the game kicks off, the camera finds them. >> over the time, it's increased and it's been more, and more, we're able to giver something back, and show the true passion that you know, denver has for its team. >>reporter: that passion was on display at the 2013 nfl draft.% justin and jeremy, bustee out the suits at radio city music hall, these super fans announced selection. >> we were thrilled to be there to represent the broncos and to get to go up and draft, you know, an actual player for them, wassjust an honor of a lifetime. and a fantastic experience, all the way around. >>reporter: this duo dreams of the ultimate fan experience, seeing the broncos lift a third lombardi, they've got special plans for super bowl 50. >> that's what we're waiting for, baby, got the champagne on
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the broncos win the super bowl. >> got champagne ready for them, weren't able to do it in east rutherford. but in santa clara, you better believe it. >> i feel under dressed out here. if you have what it takes to be the fan of the week, be in touch.
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check out this bowling technique by brian randolph, the outback bowl. he dives forward and pushing the ball from his chest. he got a strike, maybe not recommended for your local bowling tournament. >> time now for no apparent reason, we know he is a huge anl lover. we shooed you a puppy jumping into a pile of leaves. looked good on paper foo the holidays, but not so much for the feline involved, for no apparent reason.
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wow. the santa hat shuffle, guys, i hate to see them put an elf on the shelf on its head. >> that's the cat in the hat or sure. >> all right. so can we do the broncos brother shuffle. >> what do they do? >> i just did it. >> okay, reedy? >> shark at the super bowl. >> awkward. really awkward. peyton, brock, broncos, two weeks of talk. >> going to be fun.
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